Multipliers Bonus Material


Below is a collection of our most helpful resources and bonus material. download and share them with your colleagues.


Free Leadership Quiz

Take this quiz to see if you are exhibiting some Accidental Diminisher behaviors.

Accidental or not, the impact on a team is the same – Diminishers only get ½ of the true brainpower of their people.

Take the quiz


Free Chapter: Dealing with Diminishers

This chapter’s message is simple; You can be a Multiplier while working for a Diminisher.

This is for those of you stuck under (or next to) a diminishing leader; it’s intended to supply you with proven strategies to help you respond at your best.




13 Strategies to Deal with Diminishers

Here are 13 strategies that can help employees maximize their own contribution while minimizing the reductive effect of diminishing leaders.

Employees can help shape their work culture both by offering their full contribution and responding to diminishing behavior in the most effective ways.



Multipliers Discussions


Dealing with Diminishers

Liz Wiseman and Shawn Vanderhoven discuss what Liz’s latest research revealed about "Dealing with Diminishers."

What they cover: 

  • Strategies to deal with diminishing behaviors
  • Defensive moves to help you Multiply up to your boss
  • Help your leader shift from being an Accidental Diminisher to an intentional Multiplier

Building an Intelligence Culture

Liz Wiseman and Shawn Vanderhoven discuss what Liz’s latest research revealed about "Building an Intelligence Culture."

What they cover: 

  • Common pitfalls that keep us from creating better leadership practices
  • 10 ways the best companies are creating an intelligence culture 

Q&A with Liz Wiseman

In appreciation for the Thinkers50 support we received, Liz hosted this exclusive Q&A webinar to answer any questions viewers might have.

What she covers: 

  • Tactics to avoid Accidental Diminisher tendencies
  • Exercises leaders can do to overcome Diminishing behaviors

Multipliers Experiments


The following experiments aid in Combating Accidental Diminisher Tendencies. More Can be found in Appendix E of Multipliers, Revised & Updated.


Experiment 1: Name the Genius

Identify the native genius of each person on your team. 

Multiplier Discipline: Talent Magnet
Remedy For: Idea Guy, Always On, and Strategist AD types



Experiment 2: Extreme Questions

Kick-start your curiosity by leading a conversation only asking questions.

Multiplier Discipline: Challenger
Remedy For: Idea Guy, Always On, Rapid Responder, Strategist, and Perfectionist AD types




Experiment 3: Shopping for a New Boss

If you want a job that will bring out your best, don't just look for the right company or job/role; shop for your boss.

Here's a shopping guide that will help you find a Multiplier.




Strategies to Minimize Diminishing

This book insert provides a diagram with all nine Accidental Diminisher tendencies, their intentions and outcomes, simple workarounds, and learning experiments to combat them. 

Early prints of Multipliers, Revised & Updated accidentally included a duplicate diagram on pages 208-209. If your copy was affected, use this download for reference.